Before you read or post messages in the non-senior-management Forum Area, you may wish to review the StarStruct, Inc. Mission Statement for non-senior-management staff.

Our mission is:

  • To achieve Galactic dominance in the luxury starcruiser construction industry by offering the best luxury starcruisers the Galaxy has ever known.

  • To beat our competitors on price and on profit margins.

  • To fully incorporate all non-senior-management Team Players into our corporate structure, and to work with them to fully help them fully articulate and then realise their personal, professional, interpersonal, intrapersonal, transpersonal, romantic, spiritual, reproductive, recreational, sartorial, gastronomic, transcendental, dental, medical, philosophical, ontological and phenomenological goals.

  • To act at all times as a responsible force for societal growth and genuine equality, irregardless of age, race, dietary beliefs, size, dietary preference, sexual orientation, mobility, educational attainments, social skills, articulacy, personal grooming habits, blood, sweat, toil, tears or talent.

  • To work, through the building of luxury starcruisers, towards a more peaceful, just and caring society where there will be no more war or unhappiness or nasty spindly insects or anything horrid at all and where everyone will be cheerful and nice and scamper about being happy.

I acknowledge the above mission statement and agree whole-heartedly with everything in it which I could not have put better myself if I too had been employed at a huge salary to construct the most oleaginous, misleading, pompous, vainglorious and unutterably tacky "mission statement" which anyone in their right mind would instantly see is a lot of milk-pap and intolerable blorbs. (Click in box to signify assent.)



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